Yoga Therapy Workshop Series
6-Weekends (120 hours)

Jenny Otto presents a series of 6 specialized yoga therapy workshops created for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, pilates instructors, bodyworkers, physical therapists, movement instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers and health, fitness and medical professionals ... but open to anyone interested in yoga therapy and self-care and for those seeking reilief from an injury or special condition.

These foundational, transformative workshops are at the heart of Body Balance Yoga. Not only will we explore timeless yogic teachings, but we will also leap into present day wellness and medical research. Thanks to Jenny’s mind and ability to make connections, you will be at the head of the curve with other visionary movement and mind/body specialists. In all BBY workshops, emphasis is placed on providing participants with a range of tools to help each student express the essence of the human spirit. As Jenny is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider, all workshops with her fulfill YA teacher continuing education requirements.

Over The Course of 6 Weekends, You Will:

  • Learn from a Yoga Master, Jenny Otto — Yoga Teacher Trainer & a pioneer in Yoga Therapy who was studied with master teachers for 30+ years
  • Learn powerful therapeutic tools
  • Explore creative variations of yoga poses and sequences
  • Gain freedom from physical pain & chronic gripping
  • Understand the anatomical side of health & wellness through yoga
  • Deepen your understanding of anatomy and the nervous system
  • Learn how to teach & assist yoga therapeutically
  • Alleviate pain & begin to reverse the effects of chronic imbalances
  • Gain lasting wellness & well-being through asana, pranayama, meditation & chanting
  • Develop more skills to help yourself, your clients & your students
  • Enrich your experience by learning from a variety of guest teachers & speakers, from many traditions, disciplines & perspectives to expand your horizons

Program Format

Each workshop generally includes excellent handouts and materials, lectures, film/video clips, presentation materials, yoga practice, asana sequences and partner or small group work. Lunch or dinner breaks of approximately 1 hour will be given each day. Between each session, students are given assignments.

Faculty & Class Size

Jenny Otto teaches the entire program often hosting guest speakers and master teachers who lecture and present in their chosen specialty and area of expertise. The limited class size of 30 will ensure that you receive plenty of individualized support and attention.

Continuing Education Credits

Fulfills professional continuing education requirements for Yoga Alliance. Attendees for the full series of 6 workshops receive a certificate of completion.

Location, Dates & Times

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. These workshops are taught in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am - 7:00pm each day.

Feet Workshop
Weekend Workshop 1: FEET
Foundation of Well-Being —
Feet, Knees, Shins, Ankles

We will explore the foundation of our well-being – our feet! Applying yoga therapy techniques for common foot and leg ailments including: bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, meniscus tears, neuropathy, runner's knee, shin splints, varicose veins and more. Creative therapeutic asanas for feet, ankles, legs, knees and thighs. Also covering biomechanics, global anatomy and how your feet relate to other areas of your body. Plus, chair yoga and special conditions.

Pelvis Workshop
Weekend Workshop 2: PELVIS
The Key to Well-Being —
Pelvis, Legs, Low Back, Core Stability

We will explore spinal health and core stability along with pelvis muscles and chain reactions. Plus common pelvis, lower back and sacrum issues including: herniated disc, kyphosis, lumbar spine stenosis, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, sacroiliac syndrome, scoliosis and much more. Also yoga therapy techniques, asana sequences and discussions on the role of a Yoga Therapist.

Shoulders Workshop
Weekend Workshop 3: SHOULDERS
Instruments of Expression —
Shoulders, Mid Back, Upper Back

Yoga therapy for the shoulders, arms, wrists and mid-back. Learn techniques for getting more range of motion in the shoulder girdle. Perfect for common ailments such as: frozen shoulders, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis and more. Plus we'll explore hand and finger connections to other areas of the body. Asana sequences to cover shoulder warm-ups, shoulder and neck strengtheners, shoulderstand and some creative variations on vinyasa sequences.

Diaphragm Workshop
Weekend Workshop 4: DIAPHRAGM
Heart & Science of Breath —
Diaphragm, Breath, Pranayama, Sound

Yoga therapy training covering the anatomy of the diaphragm, the breath, the proper use of pranayama and breathing conditions. Learning the heart and science of breathing through the muscles of respiration and uncovering enemies of the breath and common breath-holding patterns. Also cover breathing stretches, pranayama techniques and practices and sound healing through chanting.

Sound Workshop
Weekend Workshop 5: SOUND
Sound Healing —
Using Sound as a Yoga Prop

Yoga therapy training covering the anatomy of the diaphragm, the breath, the proper use of pranayama and breathing conditions. Learning the heart and science of breathing through the muscles of respiration and uncovering enemies of the breath and common breath-holding patterns. Also cover breathing stretches, pranayama techniques and practices and sound healing through chanting. Plus, neurology of yoga nidra.

Neck Workshop
Weekend Workshop 6: NECK
Yoga for Keeping the Head Up —
Neck, Jaw, Injuries, Special Conditions

We bring it all together from the previous weekend trainings ... covering common neck ailments and solutions for: cervical degenerative disc disease, headaches, herniated discs, neck spasms, temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ), tinnitus, vertigo, whiplash and more. Also covering yoga for scoliosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, mitral valve prolapse and more. Plus, sequences for menstruation, pregnancy, menorrhagia, PMS, delayed menses, menopause, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, hypertension and more. Asanas for shoulders, diaphragm and mid-back.

Yoga Retreat with Jenny Otto

Teaching Faculty

While Jenny Otto teaches the entire workshop series, she also invites many Body Balance Yoga Therapy teachers to instruct special programs:

Linda Howard

Janelle Jones

Sandy Moore

Amy Nusbaum

Gina Sager

Guest Speakers
and Master Teachers

Body Balance Yoga Therapy is unique in that it honors the richness of all yogic lineages and draws on multiple teachers from many traditions, disciplines and perspectives to expand student's horizons. Other renowned teachers are often invited to teach in their specialty at our trainings and workshops. Visiting GUEST TEACHERS IN THE PAST have included:

Stan Andrzejewski

Mary Bond

Manoj Chalam

Rixie Dennison

Arthur Killmurray

Judy Lazarus

Matthew Remski

Olga Rodriguez Rasmussen

Your Investment

$1,800 for the entire 6-weekend workshop series. Workshop fee INCLUDES $180+ in materials but does not include books for required reading.

As most weekends fill to capacity, registering for the entire 6-weekend series in advance will guarantee your spot for each weekend.

To Register

COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION and mail along with payment to:

Body Balance Yoga Therapy
Attn: Jenny Otto
Ridgely Retreat
203 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

*Make checks payable to 'Body Balance Yoga'.

Pay Now via PayPal:

You can send PayPal payments direct to or click the 'Pay Now' button below — enter the desired amount in the 'Item Price' box, click 'Update' and enter your PayPal password.

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OR Attend 1 Weekend
or 1 Day Only

Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment includes that weekend's material fees but does not include books for required reading.


REGISTER to Attend 1 DAY Only

Cancellation Policy

Full refund 2 weeks prior to workshop date, less a non-refundable administration fee of $200. No refunds are available for no shows. Refunds are given by check and may take up to two weeks.


What is the closest airport to the studio?

BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) is located 23 miles from the studio.

Is there shuttle service to/from the airport?

Uber / Lyft / Super Shuttle (1.800.258.3826 or

What are some nearby accommodations?

Annapolis is a busy place and there are typically special events held every weekend. It is best to book your accommodations early.

Doubletree Annapolis
210 Holiday Court, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410.224.3150

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Annapolis
2451 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410.224.4317

The Taylor House Bed & Breakfast
936 Arbutus Road, Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 410.991.6704

Hampton Inn & Suites
124 Womack Drive, Annapolis MD 21401
Phone: 410.571.0200

Butterfly Fields Bed & Breakfast
320 Frank Moreland Place, Lothian, MD 20711
Phone: 410.271.1433

Body Balance Yoga Therapy Workshop Series


"The RYT500 program rocked my little yoga world! The program & teachers turned it upside down and inside out in the most fabulous ways! Jenny challenged me and all the students to let go of the safety net of dogma and rules and really see and think for myself. Top teachers present alternatives, concepts, and philosophies from many different disciplines. Then I get to "chew on it" and come to my own conclusions. It is so much more than asana! I will never look at the human body in the same way. Not only have I grown as a teacher and a yogini, I have grown as a person. I am taking these learnings and a renewed sense of wonder to all aspects of my life. If you want to grow, then this program is a must-do! Thanks Jenny --- from one of your forever grateful 'kids'!"
— Dawn Shay, Certified BBY Teacher

"A fellow teacher and I registered for only the first session of Jenny's 7th Annual Yoga Therapy Training because of the 2-hour drive to her studio. After just a short time into the training, we made a decision and at the break made a beeline for the desk to register for the entire course. When we came back the second weekend, I noticed a student with a big black binder on his mat and when I asked him about it he told me he was also in her 500 Hour training. At the break, my friend and I made a beeline to the desk to register for the 500 Hour as well. Jenny will teach you about the anatomy of yoga asana at a level not found in any anatomy book that I had ever studied. She gives her students the ability to begin to understand what is occurring in the pose from the viewpoint of the most inner muscles, fascia and connective tissue. Your students will definitely notice your increased confidence in teaching and you will observe them take their poses with increased awareness because of the precision of your cues. You will also learn the true meaning of generosity from any training with Jenny. She is generous with her smile, her sense of humor and in sharing her extensive knowledge. She will also share with you the very best teachers she has met on her yoga journey. You will emerge with a more profound love for the human body, the sacred practice of yoga and the spirit that connects us all. Namaste. ... P.S. (Jenny, Eternal gratitude for everything!)"
— Debbie Galla

"I am the friend Debbie Galla talks about in her testimonial. And she is so right; we were blown away by the end of the first morning of therapy training. We immediately signed up for all the therapy weekends and couldn't keep ourselves away from the 500 hour training. Jenny is such a fantastic teacher on so many different levels. She is so organized, with clear class plans that walk you through each concept she is presenting. Then there is hands on learning reinforcing those concepts. I know her style of teaching really helps me learn the material, but more importantly be confident to apply what I have learned almost immediately in my teaching. My students loved when I came back from a training weekend! And now that I have moved to Santa Fe, I have a whole new group of students LOVING the tennis ball, foot exercises, etc. They feel good when they leave my yoga class. Isn't that what yoga is about? My thanks to Jenny. Namaste."
— Patti Zolnick, Certified BBY Teacher

"I began studying with Jenny Otto in 2006. Even though I was first introduced to yoga over a decade ago, my practice and my teaching have grown and evolved more in the last few years than they ever did before I met Jenny. She has an amazing talent for teaching, and can effortlessly communicate a deep understanding of biomechanics, therapeutics and alignment. Beyond just imparting facts and information, Jenny teaches a holistic approach to asana. Under her tutelage I have developed a more discerning eye, and a greater ability to concisely communicate the fundamentals as well as the subtleties in each pose. I am much more confident in my ability to teach to the individual, to give effective verbal cues, and to think outside the box. Even though I have completed both the 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings, as well as several therapy training weekends with Jenny, I know my study of Body Balance Yoga will be lifelong!"
— Janelle Jones, Certified BBY Teacher

“Jenny's enthusiasm for the human body makes anatomy both accessible and fun! In Jenny's Yoga Therapy Training Program I gained an understanding of both proper alignment and misalignment. I learned how to observe, test and gently realign my own body as well as my clients. You can't help but catch Jenny's enthusiasm and can't wait to help others to feel better using the techniques she creates and teaches.”
— Mary Van Beuren

"Going through Body Balance Yoga Therapy Training (three times!!) and the 500 hour program was an eye-opener and a mind blower. My five senses were tickled, teased and challenged. The experience was beyond phenomenal. My teaching, understanding, and approach to life was forever changed. I found my voice’s resonance, a new vocabulary backed by knowledge and understanding, and a deeper appreciation for 'what lies beneath the surface' that connects us all. This all started 5 years ago at a John Friend — Anusara Yoga Teacher Training. I was in Miami with a select group of teachers from all over the world learning from one of the current day Masters. I met a few teachers from the D.C. area and asked if they knew a teacher who could work with my mother who has Parkinson’s. Hands-down, the consensus was that I should call Jenny Otto. Within a few months, I was regularly flying to Maryland to study with Jenny. I could not have made all of those trips out of town with out the support of my husband and children. My husband’s response – fairly early on – was 'whatever you are doing when you go out of town – is working. There’s something different about you. Keep doing it.' We both knew the training would be a big commitment and require him to be 'Mr. Mom' many a weekend. We agreed to hold ourselves in 'check' and not contemplate divorce (ha ha!) no matter how much stress my journey may cause. We happily remain married! My classes and private students relished when I returned from a training. Even though I thought my mind was mush and my words seemed garbled, my students commented after each class, each session that they were impressed by the connections that they were making. Re-committing to Jenny’s Therapy Training over the years has helped me and others tremendously. You would think that repeating Therapy Training would just be a 're-hash' of what you’ve learned previously. It’s so not the case! Jenny is constantly evolving – so what she presents keeps deepening and changing. You learn to 'come at the body/mind' from various angles. This is really beneficial for all my private students. I have so many 'tools in my toolbox' now from training with Jenny that really complex students with multiple issues and chronic pain do not scare me. With new eyes, I see them and offer a path that helps clear away old patterns. I loved moving through the 500 hour program in the course of a year with other seekers from various traditions. Top teachers with alternative viewpoints gave us a lot to consider and discuss. They expanded our world view and challenged us to think and ultimately let go. I am still digesting all that I have learned - and what I continue to learn from my teachers. I am honored to now facilitate the program in Jacksonville, Florida and share the experience with others."
— Lisa Long, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have taken classes with Jenny as her student and in 2010 took her Body Balance Yoga therapeutics training. It was invaluable. Her knowledge and understanding are extensive and her ability to communicate what she knows as a teacher is beyond effective. She is an example of not only what she teaches but how she teaches: care of her students well-being, her ability to connect with each student where they are and her insight into the body/mind and all its intricacies made the time in the training a fantastic experience. Therapeutics in yoga is vast. She covers so many special conditions and gave me a great foundation for my own teaching. I wish I could take her training over and over again. She is an avid student and is always bringing what she learns to her students. I have apprenticed with Jenny as well and have seen how she works with her students in a classroom. She is both mindful and sensitive. Her hands are magic and able to feel what to many of us is a mystery. I have, since her training, begun teaching therapeutics. I have two classes now and they are my favorite classes to teach as the students are always fun and curious and interested in working as hard as they can. Pain is a great teacher. The training was well-organized, thorough, and gave me details and information I continue to return to in my teaching. If you have the opportunity, or are curious about therapeutics at all, you will not be disappointed. I cannot say enough. Om Shanti."
— Edith Lazenby

"I just wanted to say that I am so honored to work with you and Jill Cahn. You both talk the talk and walk the walk. You work on things at home in your own practice and bring that knowledge to your students, I never have felt that you are just giving a pose without a rhyme or reason or without personal experience. So much respect for you! Namaste."
— Marianne Meyers, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have been studying with Jenny Otto for over 6 years. Jenny educates and engages from a place of strength and understanding, humor and compassion. She willingly steps into the roll of student to learn and grow, and in doing so becomes an ever greater and wiser teacher. She draws on the beauty and breadth of yoga to gift you her student with wonder and a deep appreciation of the history and science of yoga. I know I will leave each class of Jenny’s with new strategies, exercises and routines that work for me and my students. I start using them right away in my classes. My students love the “Jenny-isms” I bring to my classes. My binders from Jenny Otto’s classes are dog eared from repeated use. They are my antidote to teaching burn out. Jenny is a living example of the healing power of her practice. Jenny connects to each member of her class, honoring the beauty and inviting deeper acceptance and truer expression. Her teachings brought me to a place of balance, healing and peace with my body. Jenny’s experience, will and playfulness exhort the best from her students. Jenny inspires me in my quest to help me and my students heal and grow on their yogic path. Studying with Jenny will light the way for you to infuse excellence, laughter and love into your practice and teaching."
— Mary Sullivan, Certified BBY Teacher

"Jenny's therapy training was full of insights that helped make sense of years of studying the body. It was presented clearly with many practical applications for my clients and self care techniques for me. Jenny has a lot of heart. Well worth the time and commitment!!"
— Dyan Murphy, Certified BBY Teacher

"Jenny’s Therapy Training has given me the insight to know not only how to do certain poses but also WHY. Jenny has an incredible knowledge about the mechanics of the body and how to apply that knowledge to yoga. Every time I teach, I draw from the know how I gained in this training. It’s an absolute must for anybody who wants to bring his asana to the next level, no matter if you are a teacher or a student who wants to improve his practice."
— Hans Merkl

"This program exceeded my expectations... I gained a much more refined understanding of the body as an integrated living organism, and how to offer effective therapeutic exercises that address specific issues... Jenny’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious... My own practice and teaching have been enormously inspired by this program."
— Jeanne Ann Whittington, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have been working and training with Jenny for over 10 years. Her innovative techniques and constant quest for knowledge make her an inspiration for myself, as well as, other students and teachers. The knowledge I have gained from Jenny has brought a level of health and wellness to myself and my students that never would have been possible without her. She is A #1 in my book."
— Maria Doherty, Certified BBY Teacher

"I moved from being afraid to touch – to being able to touch with grace and sensitivity; from not knowing where to touch – to being able to visualize the body and where I need to connect; from being nervous about my hands on another person’s body – to being sensitive with my touch and knowledge; from not knowing how to relieve someone’s pain or discomfort — to seeing and sensing how I could assist. Since traveling this path with Jenny, I went from watching my students walk into class — to really seeing my students walk into class."
— Karen Paramore

"I had the good fortune to find Body Balance Yoga in Annapolis in the autumn of 2012. The first time I entered the studio, I loved the class so much I stayed for 2 in row. Although I had never met Jenny, I had been using her foot warm up routine for years that I learned from a teacher in Kansas City, MO. I happened to find BBY just before the beginning of the 2012-13 500 RYT. I had been thinking about completing some additional education but hadn't really considered a RYT500. I know I was in the right place at just the right time. Jenny is an exceptional teacher with an incredibly deep knowledge of the body. Having a focus on yoga therapy in the RYT500 has been wonderful. As a RN for 31 years, I have enjoyed the anatomical focus of much of our training. I have learned to look at people, not just my yoga students, differently. This has been the best thing I've done for myself since I quit my corporate job in 2009, travelled by myself in Asia for 6 months and completed my RYT200 in Thailand. Having the format of one weekend a month is perfect! The weekends will fill your brain to the brim and you'll be looking forward to the next weekend as soon as one is over. Our training notebook (as well as my notes) are a great resource that I use all the time for my own practice as well as my teaching. The yoga community is a better place and I am better yoga student and teacher because of Jenny."
— Ellie Wyatt, Certified BBY Teacher

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The yoga therapy components of Jenny Otto's teaching are based on her International Association of Yoga Therapists Certification (C-IAYT) and not derived from her status as an E-RYT 500, YACEP with the Yoga Alliance Registry. Structural Integration is based on the pioneering work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.