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Jenny Otto purvottanasana / reverse plank
Jenny Otto Ardha Matsyendrasana
Jenny Otto lunge twist

Attend ongoing weekly group classes with Jenny Otto

Each class is taught with awareness, acceptance and adaptation. Sound, mudra, breathwork, visualization and meditation are often implemented. Poses are creatively adapted to serve every student’s potential and journey into their own embodiment. The healing aspects of yoga are emphasized in every class and the teachings complement the current developments in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Beginners and drop-ins are always welcome.

REMINDER: Please check the Body Balance Yoga Therapy facebook page for any class cancellations. No classes when Anne Arundel County Public Schools are closed for inclement weather.

Continuing Education Credits

Jenny is a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider (YACEP) and all classes with her fulfill Yoga Alliance teacher continuing education requirements.

Jenny Otto teaches polework techniques to yoga class
Jenny Otto teaches lunge pose to chair yoga class

Class Schedule



— All Levels —

Goddard Space Flight Center
Building 28 Atrium
Greenbelt, MD 20771



— Level II —

203 Ridgely Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

Jenny Otto teaches chair yoga therapy
Jenny Otto teaches lunge twist to yoga class


Best yoga teacher ever!!! Jenny Otto and staff!!!

G. Basile, LMT

I am inspired by you, Jenny! Thank you for being you.

Julie Olson

Jenny is an extraordinary yoga teacher, especially in the area of therapeutics. She is on a constant quest for new knowledge and openly shares this with her yoga students and fellow teachers. She is the ultimate professional and all of her workshops are packed with valuable information and tools. Her yoga classes are a delight; she inspires you and leaves you feeling uplifted!

Dawn Shay, Certified BBY Teacher

Fantastic class name Jenny. I can't recommend this wonderful teacher highly enough — from only a relatively brief experience with this special lady many years ago now, I am still feeling inspired to practise (and teach) with an ever increasing awareness of body mechanics and care — all the way over here in Melbourne, Australia. My only wish is that I lived closer so that I could come to her class every single week.

Christopher Potter

Jenny Otto’s teaching has changed my practice and I appreciate the way that she truly embodies satya.

Mary P.

Jenny Otto’s ability to invent physical/educational/compassionate poses to convey insights and healing to students is magical and effective.

Sue B.

We have so much enjoyed working with you over these past few years. Not only are you an excellent teacher but you have great integrity.

Lynne and John E.

You have certainly been my most inspiring and thought-provoking teacher. Thank you for your expertise and passion.

Kristi S.

Jenny is a truly gifted and inspired teacher. So grateful to have studied with her!

Anna, First Thought Yoga

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